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Title: Application of Environmental Isotopes for Identification of Possible Recharge Areas of Alluvial Springs of Vishaw Catchment in Kashmir Himalaya
Authors: Gh. Jeelani
Bhat, Nadeem A.
Keywords: Springs
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Five alluvium controlled springs were selected for hydrogeochemical and isotope study of Vishoaw watershed of Kashmir Himalayas, India. Hydrogeochemical study showed that Ca2+, Mg2+ and HCO - were the dominant chemical species in water samples. The order of hydrochemical water types identified is Ca-Mg-HCO3 > Ca-HCO3 > Na-Mg-HCO3 and hybrid type. Ca-Mg-HCO3 and Ca-HCO3 types of spring water resulted from the dissolution of carbonate lithology. Na-Mg-HCO3 and hybrid water types followed by surface water owes to the interaction of water with multiple lithologies, resulted from weathering of host silicate rocks. The groundwater samples showed a narrow variation in stable isotope content and are clustered above and very close to GMWL, indicating that groundwater has not been greatly fractionated by kinetic evaporation, except Qoimohnag, with δ18O value of - 6.9 ‰ which may be due to the mixing of groundwater with recent precipitation. The high deuterium excess of surface and groundwater suggests western disturbances as the source of the recharging precipitation. The mean isotopic values of groundwater were depleted in heavier isotopes than precipitation. The study suggested that the alluvial springs are recharged by the stream of the catchment.
URI: http://dspaces.uok.edu.in/jspui//handle/1/1263
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